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The most recent Air Max 97 release represented the last of the first round of Nike Sportswear’s VacTech collection to be releaed at retail, and now these move us into the next year with one of the most recent we’ve teased. The Nike Air Max 90 VT for women has never looked better than this unique Medium Grey woolen construction that sees flecks of red, blue and yellow speckling its comfy yet coarse uppers. That opens these up to a variety of reinterpretations via lace swapping, though these photos suggest you can’t go wrong simply opting for the tonal grey look echoed on the Air Max 90’s signature ‘window’. Click through to see more angles and pick up a pair from select NSW stores like Afew.Woolen uppers have hijacked the Nike Air Max 90 VT collection, each of the last models both released and previewed having shown up in the fuzzy winter-ready material. The above pictured ladies pair is like the ‘Tweed’ edition we showed off earlier this month in that they feature flecks of color all throughout the neutral upper, but the effect is much different when it’s black as opposed to grey. This pair ends up less like a sportcoat and more like a scattering of fireworks across the night sky, or perhaps some of the blacklit art left over from Nike Sportswear’s collaboration with Cassette Playa a couple years back. Any way you choose to describe them, this is one of the standouts from an excellent VacTech collection, and you can get yours now from Kicks-crew.

The Nike Air Max 90 VT just dropped in black suede and looks flat out amazing in an upcoming grey tweed rendition, so let’s take a look at another soon-to-drop that finds itself right in the intersection of those two design influences. This new Air Max 90 for women uses a black woolen material for its VacTech sealed uppers, their CMY-colored streaking a reminder of the accent flecks present in that aforementioned tweed edition. So now that we’ve seen the AM90 in a variety of VacTech materials along with other seamless looks like the Current Flywire, Moire and Hyperfuse editions, how would you rank these variants against the original design? Look more closely at the latest after the jump and stick with Sneaker News for updates on their availability. via Taobao

Their collaboration with Harris Tweed on a two-pack of Air Royals marked the last time Nike Sportswear utilized the woolen material, and now another model that’s been subject to quite a few VacTech releases of its own of late will have a crack at the kicks-your-aunt-knit look.  This new Nike Air Max 90 VT looks superb in a grey tweed that gives off about as many colors as you’d care to count, exactly the kind of look that keeps people staring at you until they’re finally close enough to ask where you got them.  These suggest the further cross-pollination of sneakers and traditional upscale attire should continue to reap its fair share of rewards, and you can see more of these grey tweed Air Max 90s after the jump.