Air Max lunar 90

Now, I don’t want to seem preachy about this (too late?!). And I don’t want to be hypocritical. After all, my home is awash with technology. Laptops, tablets, smartphones etc etc. But what I’m calling for is this: a brief moratorium – perhaps for five or ten years – on things getting better. Can all technology companies just dial it down for a while, so we can gather ourselves. No new models, no new operating systems, no new features. I just need a break from all of this constant improvement. I’m exhausted with it all. When I was a kid nothing ever improved. Technological development was amazingly static.

For example in 1980, we bought a telly. I think it was a Hitachi. A lot of wood was involved, not sure why. My dad paid for it slowly. And that was our telly. We weren’t looking over our shoulder at the latest Sony or Panasonic. That was the telly we had and owned and used. It was a member of the family and essentially it was a telly for life. Well, until, after a decade of good service, it blew up during a particularly compelling episode of Dangermouse.

Now obviously there is going to be no moratorium. Too much is at stake for too many powerful businesses. But we can starve this monster at source. We can buy an actual book, not a e-reader. We can kick an actual ball around with the kids, not some LED thing that lights up for no reason whatsoever. We can go for a walk, rather that immerse ourselves in a Virtual Reality world generated by strange, massive glasses that always seem to fall off your face. You’ll find a stroll to your nearest big Sainsbury’s is just as much fun. Or God forbid, a park. I think if we are a little more analogue in our thinking and in our spending habits, we could make the world a better place. The environment would benefit, as would our wallet and probably our spiritual health too. No frills, no fuss, batteries not included. Just a thought. Anyway, must go. That PS4 isn’t going to play itself.