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This Nike Air Force 1 AC pair will release on August 2nd, 2014. It’s a little surprising to see that all of the “Gradient Pack” pairs are releasing on different days, but we suppose that makes them easier to pick up for the very small number of people who are hoping to get a complete set. This pair ends up as the far and away brightest of the bunch thanks to its atomic mango touches. Get a look at them via the extra photos waiting below and stick with us for more sneaker release dates on the daily.Nike managed to tweak the classic Nike Air Force 1 Low with a slimmed down construction and a vulcanized sole with the approval of many.

The lightweight addition to the retro model has been an easy pick up this summer and the latest Gradient Pack gives one even more reason to pick up the Nike Air Force 1 AC. This pair features a polarized blue hue that fades in a gradient from dark on top to light by the time it reaches the vulc outsole. It’s sure to head to U.S. shops soon, so hit the click for more images and just incase you can’t wait, pick up a pair from international stores like Suppa today.Give credit to Nike for re-packaging the Air Force 1 without ruffling the feathers of the purists. The AC version seen here is a slimmed down version of the ’82 classic, featuring tighter construction and a vulcanized sole. But if you’re already familiar with this new model, get a load of one of the Gradient Pack; this particular release pairs the signature Volt with Turbo Green for quite a tropical effect. These are headed to U.S. retailers soon, so get a full review below and let us know what you think.

The Nike Air Force 1 AC recently proved how willing it was to go graphic with the release of that GS only floral pair. Backing away from that just a bit, but still flexing the ability to plant mutliple colors across the upper, is the new Nike Air Force 1 AC “Gradient Pack” depicted here. The atomic mango one among them has a US release date of 8/2, but the others haven’t been pinned down just yet. See each after the break and keep in mind you can probably find a pair early on eBay.