Air Max 05

‘VacuumTechnology’. That curious translation found at the top of the latest release announcement from Tokyo’s Nike Harajuku might have you picturing one of those ball-powered Dyson cleaners. Nike Sportswear probably realized a name like that would end up with some interesting Google results, so luckily, the naming minds over in Beaverton came up with something a little snappier to match this season’s most prominent fabrication method. The NSW VacTech collection rolls on with a new slate of drops including Nike Air Force 1 Highs and Lows, an Air Max 90 to match the AF1 High and three Dunk Highs, two of which also matches AF1s. They range from all-suede to all-glossy patent leather, and you can see each of these six pairs in additional images after the jump. Let us know which model wins this round and stick with Sneaker News for word on the US release dates.

The sneaker world’s reliance upon tonal designs in the wake of 2008’s financial meltdown has left some looking for a bit more flash, while those who are making the most of the variety of clean options available are revelling in an unprecedented array of styles to serve as subtle outfit anchors. The Nike Sportswear Vac-Tech collection makes simple colorways look even better with its elegant molding, and today we’ll take a look at what kinds of simply satisfying stuff is on tap for the rest of the year. Ten different models can be seen in this post, all of them either Nike Air Force 1 High VTs or Lows, Air Max 90s or Dunk Highs, each impressive in its own right. They range from totally tonal to slight contrasts along the sole, and even one pair that mixes in leather plus wool on the upper along with the ubiquitous white Dunk midsole. This is the kind of capsule that can have you imagining an entire rainbow of possibilities and this set of cool colors for Holiday 2011 has us hoping spring follows with something equally appropriate. Click through to see em all, let us know which is your favorite and stick with Sneaker News for the US release dates.

VacTech treatment has been a popular mode of construction for Nike Sportswear models, as we’ve seen it hit the Air Royal Mid and Air Force 1. The seamless, one-piece upper styling of VacTech fits well with the retro style of the Royal and AF1, so how does it look on the Air Max 90 – a sneaker with far more performance design? The verdict on the Nike Air Max 90 VT is still out there, but this new Obsidian color makes a strong case for Air Max VT models, and paired with the glossy, polished finish on the upper, we may have a new ‘Lux’ line of Air Maxes for the future. Endclothing in the UK has these babies up for pre-order so check out the new images below and let us know what other Air Max models you’d like to see in VT form.